June 22, 2009

Lame point-form update

What I’ve been up to in the past month or so since I last posted:

- Helping my dad and step-mom move. In all fairness, this is what started my online exile, being stuck out in Balitmore with no Internet access for a week. With my sister’s help we pitched out 5,000 pounds of refuse, salvaging some important family photos and heirlooms along the way (notably my father’s 40-year-old Finnish cross-country skis). While it was sad to say goodbye to Baltimore after 17 years, I look forward to visiting the new place – a quaint little house on the outskirts of Cobourg.

- Reuniting. Mike Brown came back from Sierra Leone, so we saw fit to spend the better part of an entire weekend catching up over tomfoolery. Then all the old Cord guys got together and we had our fourth annual Guys’ Day, complete with 16 oz burgers, a mini-keg of Red Baron and road hockey. Highlight of the summer so far.

- Getting ridiculously excited about South Africa. The guidebook I ordered arrived last week, coinciding with the start of the Confererations Cup – the warm-up tournament held in the World Cup host country one year prior to the real thing. Between reading about 3-day wilderness treks through Kruger National Park and witnessing the atmosphere in the stadiums, I’m beginning to think this might actually be worth travelling across the world for. Now if only I could find one more person who agreed with me… (see previous post)

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