April 22, 2009

Wind at my back

Tonight was my last run before the race. There must be something to this 'tapering' business as I absolutely devoured the 10km.

The weather was crap, but it didn't matter - the wind always seemed to be at my back. Even the normally annoying traffic lights conspired in my favour as I glided through every intersection without having to break stride. I caught myself singing k-os' 'Follow Me' out loud as I came down the homestretch of my route, pleasantly surprised I had enough breath to bleat out the chorus in the midst of running five-minute kilometres.

As I reluctantly slowed down to a stop, I got the amazing (and rare) feeling that caused me to want to run a marathon in the first place - simply that, if I had enough flat road laid out before me, I could just go on running forever. Your legs, lungs and heart don't even matter any more. The energy of your being is an unstoppable force moving in a forward direction, and only your mind can limit how far that momentum can carry you.

Suffice to say, I'm as sure as I've ever been that I'm ready for this. That, or the latest New Balance ads have got me so amped I'm going to have an out of body experience on Sunday.


Mike said...

An inspirational post. I'm sure you'll kill it this weekend, bro. Enjoy!

April said...

I lovvvve the body buzz