April 27, 2009

Marathon by the numbers

4:21:57.3 - time in hours, minutes and seconds it took to cover the 42.3km

>1000 - kilometres run in training

35 - pounds lost in the process

300 - dollars raised in support of St. John's Ambulance

51 - minutes it took to run an overzealous first 10k

12 - kilometres into the race when I hit the first 'wall'

3 - times I broke down and cried during kilometres 39 through 42

7 - senior citizens that breezed by me

71 - songs listened to on iPod during the race

2600 - approximate calories burned

81 - runners who finished ahead of me

35 - runners who finished behind me

12 - bottles of beers consumed post-race (estimated)

26 - days until I'm 'allowed' to run again

.009 - percentage of general population that have run a marathon


Mike said...

Really proud of you, bro. I won't even pretend to know the range of emotions you must've experienced, as I'm quite convinced I will never be part of the 0.009 percent you have just joined, but I bet you're on a well-deserved high.

Wish I could've been there to celebrate with some of those beers, but something tells me we'll make up for it and then some in the coming months - when we will both apparently have reduced capacity from significant weight loss. 35 lbs.!? Shit, son. That's not insignificant.

Anonymous said...

Keep that weight off and you will be able to wear your gift from Taipei.

Congratulations. April sounds like it was a pretty stellar month; marathoning, World Cup tickets, and job continuity are all grand things.

- Scott

April said...

You cried? But you kept going. You've got something in you a lot of us don't have. Unbelievable - congratulations.

B. Scott Currie said...

Mike: With your legendary masochism and lean body type, I don't doubt you could run one. You might need a personal chef to meet the nutrition requirements, but that's about it.

'Pril: To be fair to my emotions, they were tears of unbelievable joy/relief when the finish line came into view on the horizon and I realized I was actually going to do it.

For some reason, and I obviously never practiced this in training, the raw emotion of that moment gave me a surprising shot of adrenaline that actually made the last few kilometres some of the most enjoyable (despite the obvious vision issues that tears cause).

Anyway, I have one more self-indulgent marathon post that will go into more detail on this. Stay tuned!

Mike said...

Perhaps. But I suck at sticking to exercise regimes and, if I do it anytime soon, it'll be to gain weight, not lose it. Increased strength will do more for me on the diamond than good (or even less pitiful) cardio.

Consider me perpetually tuned.